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Skinny Strawberry Mint Mojito


Let’s talk about cocktails.  We love them.  You probably love them.  We all wish we could have sugary cocktails all day long and lounge by the pool… but then we would gain ten pounds and have a massive hangover.  So instead we can make skinny mojitos! The strawberries add just a touch of sweetness that is natural and fresh.  By mixing strawberries, mint, lime, club soda & rum together, you have a simple and fresh mix of flavors that can also help you get your buzz on.

First take a glass and add your mint.

Skinny Strawberry Mint Mojito

Then your strawberries…

Skinny Strawberry Mint Mojito

Then lime!

Skinny Strawberry Mint Mojito

Then take the blunt end of a wooden spoon or spatula and crush the ingredients until juices begin to run and mint is fragrant.

Skinny Strawberry Mint Mojito

Add club soda and rum and garnish with a strawberry and some mint.

Skinny Strawberry Mint Mojito




20 mint leaves

8 strawberries

1 lime, sliced

16 oz. club soda

4 oz. clear rum

Skinny Strawberry Mint Mojito


Take 2 glasses.  In each glass add 10 mint leaves, 4 chopped strawberries and ½ lime.  With the blunt end of a kitchen utensil, muddle the ingredients until mint is fragrant and juices run together.  Add 8 oz. of club soda and 2 oz. of rum.  Garnish with a strawberry and mint leaf.

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