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Trendy Nail Art Tutorial ANYONE Can Pull Off

After several [hundred] failed attempts at recreating manicures we envied online, we reached out to Instagram celeb and nail artist Jordie Mukai for help. Not only is the gal totally beautiful, but a quick scroll through her Instagram boasts work just as lovely.

Twenty-five year old Jordie lives in Honolulu, HI, and has been a licensed nail tech for 6+ years. Her career motto: “to a few it may just be nails, but it’s my way of sharing and expressing beauty,” and that she does.

We begged Jordie to “Puh-lease, help us look like we know what we’re doing!” So she came up with a few tutorials that’ll have even the shakiest of hands able to recreate professionally-done work.

Her first tutorial, shown below, has a difficulty level of EASY- phew! But if you think you’re fancier than that, check back over the next couple of weeks for her Moderate and Difficult tutorials.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Essie – Bikini So Teeny
OPI – Mu Favorite Ornament
Gold Nail Tape/Stickers
Base & Top Coat

essie and opi

Starting with the pointer finger and the pinky, create a V design using two long sweeps of the blue polish (a solid polish leaves much more defined edges).

nails setp

For the two middle fingers, use the line stickers to create a V shape (It’s much more difficult to create clean lines in this small space, as opposed to the pointer and pinky, which was easy to do with two strokes). Use two straight lines to fill in the small space. Peel the stickers off right away for a clean line (The longer it dries, the less clean your line will be).

blue and gold deep V - step 2

Once the blue polish is finished, fill in the remaining gaps with your choice of glitter polish. Make sure it’s a very pigmented glitter polish, not spaced out.

blue and gold deep V nails

Ta-da! Baby take a bow, and then go show off your DIY professional manicure! And don’t forget to come back next week for the Moderate tutorial.

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