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Ditch the Stresses of Life and Relax at Home with Ease

How To Relax At Home and Ditch the Stresses of Life Do you ever feel as though the stresses of life and work keep you in a constant revved-up state of mind? In our go-go-go culture where social media never stops and we’re always accessible, relaxing and replenishing ourselves must be made a priority.

For some, even being home becomes a full-time job. This especially so for working mothers, and those that have a job during the day and maintain “life duties” at night. This constant coiling in the core of our beings, never fully relaxing, not unwinding, not being able to let go, has costs to our health and well-being. High blood pressure, heart problems, even accidents are attributed to stress.

How can we remember how to truly, fully relax, even with limited time? There are practical and enjoyable ways to learn to relax, but forget about the multitudes of benefits of de-stressing and relaxing, because then it may become simply another item on your to-do list. Approach it as a child looks forward to free time or play time. Children have been known to forget even their names when they’re lost in play. If you can achieve even an instant of forgetting where you work and what your job is, that you’re a parent and pay bills, if things like this can drop from your being even for a short while, you will have remembered your true nature.

1. Child’s Play

board games
There is a clue to what will fully absorb you into relaxation. Try playing games where winning isn’t as much fun as simply playing. What taps into your nostalgic sense of abandoning?

2. Volunteer


Doing something for no outward compensation, to engage with others in a purely altruistic endeavor, is de-stressing. Of course volunteering at a hospital or crisis center can be counterintuitive to lowering stress, but engaging with others on a purely human level simply for the sake of helping is stress reducing.

3. Stretch, Breathe, Meditate


Yoga and meditation are time honored stress reducers. Even without training, the simple act of stretching, feeling your body, playing as a child would is relaxing. Breathing is so fundamental to our beings that we forget to observe our breathing sometimes, and do not take wonder of it. Let our breath become our master, our guide.

4. Awaken your Inner Artist

painting at home

Buy some art supplies, maybe an easel and some paints. YOU NEED NO TALENT. Simply play with the forms and colors as a child would.

5. Hiking

hiking stress relief

Find a nature preserve or a large park and simply walk with no other intention but exploration and wonder. Ponder the trees and different shrubs and any wildlife you may encounter. Be in that moment; remember to stretch and breathe. Forget who you are if even for a while.

6. Exercise at Home

workout at home

Going to and from the gym can be very exhausting and time consuming, hence the need to have a home gym. It’s practical and very convenient. Invest in a reliable treadmill (see details on this website), soft Yoga mat and an exercise ball. Seriously, you don’t need a ton of fancy equipment. Just be religious in your exercise routine, and you’ll reap the benefits.

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