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Meet Kirsten And Cristina, The Badass Women Behind POUND Fitness

If you’re alive and breathing, there’s no way you haven’t heard of POUND fitness–the badass workout that combines Pilates, cardio, and conditioning with drumming. Best-friends Cristina Peerenboom and Kirsten Potenza came up with the system after realizing what most of us have felt at one point or another–that exercise was more of an ordeal than an experience they enjoyed. Their genius solution? Loud music, sweat, and drum sticks…and the rest is POUND history.

Click here to find a POUND class near you, or to snag their at-home gear. But if a behind the scenes glimpse into the lives of two successful female entrepreneurs-slash-badasses is what you’re after, keeping reading below where Cristina and Kirsten take us behind the POUND scenes, dishing on everything form career moves, to beauty routines, to never feeling guilty over a few beers. (Amen.)

_S8C0629 Photo Credit Mark Sacro

What are some other strategies you use stay healthy, in-shape, or feeling and looking your best?
We follow a very balanced approach to fitness and nutrition. We believe that although it’s great to look amazing, the process of enjoying staying fit should be fun and inspiring. That’s why we do lots of little things to help boost how we look and feel: kombucha, black tea, B vitamins and POUND classes. That way, staying fit and feeling healthy feels natural and uplifting, rather than a burden.

How do you relax and unwind?
We relax by reading, drawing, and listening to music. There’s such power in being alone sometimes- it’s the perfect time to release the day’s chaos and tune in to our inner dialogue.

Favorite Food Indulgence / Weakness
We always treat ourselves to a balanced spectrum of food, some of which could be considered a “cheat meal.” But we never look at it this way, because we practice moderation and stay active. So, when we enjoy cheese, chocolate, or wine, we don’t see it as a weakness, but just something that’s part of our lives.

What trends do people need to shelve permanently? Why?
Diet sodas. The sweetening chemicals in diet soda convince stomach that it’s about to digest a major amount of sweet calories, so digestive enzymes are released to prep for that. When zero calories and no substantial food enters the stomach, the brain signals hunger to make sure the digestive enzymes get some actual food to digest. So, you actually end up eating more food when you drink diet sodas.

How did your own journey towards becoming a healthier you shape your business?
When we realized that there wasn’t a happy, balanced, uplifting way for US to stay fit, we realized that the only way we would get what we needed was to create it. So, our awareness of what was standing in the way of our own health made it possible for us to create a method, class, and now, company, that fills in the blanks. Luckily, thousands of people across the world feel the same way!

Kirsten and Cristina - Lawn Chairs -Edit 2

Daily Skin Care Routine
We like to keep it simple when it comes to our routines. Each morning, we moisturize with coconut oil. In the afternoon, we take a walk near our Headquarters in LA to re-energize and get the blood moving to our skin and extremities. And all day long, we chug water. That’s the key to consistently looking and feeling fresh and ready-to-rumble.

What has a permanent spot in your purse or on your vanity?
We swear by Hydrating B5 Gel from Skinceuticals, extra virgin coconut oil, and vitamin C serum.

Can’t live without my…
We can’t live without our Fake Up concealer from Benefit, and tinted moisturizer from Aveda. And of course, a coat of mascara. With those three things at our sides, we always look polished, natural, and confident.

Daily Makeup Routine
When we’re at the office, which is most days, we keep our makeup extremely natural and light, with lip gloss, mascara, and a dab of tinted moisturizer. When we’re on camera, at conventions or speaking publicly, we use BB cream, Stila eyeliner, and a light finishing powder to diminish shine.

What is the make-up look you look forward to the most?
We look forward to the dewy, natural, effortless look with big, open eyes and a slight, bronzy blush. It’s so easy to pull this look off, doesn’t take much time to perfect, and makes us feel like the best versions of ourselves.

Any new obsessions?
Nars – Tinted Moisturizer

Favorite Products & Tools
Klorane Dry Shampoo is our savior. We’re not huge hair-washing enthusiasts, so in-between washes, we refresh with dry shampoo. It’s also great to add a little texture. A good flatiron is our styling go-to, since it’s great for creating straight and wavy looks.

Go To Style
It depends on the day. Ideally, we love air-drying and enjoying our natural waves. But, since we blow dry most of the time, we go for straight volume or subtle, beachy waves.

Your style?
Rebellious, badass and always changing. We like a mix of boyish, grungy, and boho, but we’ll also embrace girly prints and silhouettes.

What are your favorite stores/brands to shop?
Urban Outfitters, Topshop, Free People, thrift shops.

What makes you feel your best/most beautiful?
We feel most beautiful when we’re smiling, sweating, and rocking during POUND class. It’s that moment where we lose the self awareness about how we look or who’s watching us and get lost in the music, that we truly tap into the beauty of what our bodies can do. That’s such a freeing moment, and it makes us both feel elated that other women can feel that in class, too.

_S8C1013 Photo Credit Mark Sacro

How do you start your day?
We start the day with a tackle-anything attitude, a cup of black tea, and apple or greek yogurt. And if we’re lucky, a shower.

What gets you amped and ready to handle business?
Music is what drives everything we do, so a killer pre-game tune can really set the tone. Music also pushes us through emails, choreography sessions, and tough days. It’s usually the spark we need to get our creative juices flowing.

The most misunderstood part of you and/or your business is…?
There’s this concept of “overnight success” that is misleading. Any entrepreneurial venture requires passion, creativity, insight and intelligence, but the most underestimated part of business is resilience. Being patient, driven, and persistent in the face of rejection are the qualities that create success, and success is never something we “arrive” at: it’s a never-ending journey to constantly listen, learn and improve.

What’s new and/or on the horizon for you?
We stay pretty busy at POUND HQ, so there are always new projects in the pipeline. Most recently, we launched our brand new ROCKOUT RESULTS DVD and nutrition system, which is redefining how people work out at home. There’s really nothing like it! ROCKOUT RESULTS teams the best music with the best POUND sequences for fast, long-lasting results. Teamed with our proprietary nutrition method and cookbook, The BALANCE Guide, the DVD system yields unbelievable results.

We also recently created an exclusive program for Madonna’s Hard Candy Gyms, worldwide- POUND Rock Hard. This class is longer, harder, and louder than our original POUND program.

How have your careers and POUND evolved over the years, and what surprises you about the journey?
I’m not sure this is something we should admit, but when we look back over the last four years, we realize that we’ve grown up with POUND. And like any “growing up” evolution, we’ve learned our greatest strengths, our weaknesses, and what makes us truly happy. Our tastes have matured and our understanding and purpose has come into its own. It’s surprising that our community has been there to support us and motivate us along the way. It’s almost like we’re growing together. We work towards simplifying and amplifying on a daily basis – we get stronger, understand each other, and make each day better than the last.

What keeps you inspired?
100% – hands down – our POUND Posse.

How do you balance a busy workload and a growing empire?
Just that – balance. We understand that our workdays are long and our commitment is never-ending. We live, sleep, and breath POUND. With that said, we keep it light, we have fun with our team, and we surround ourselves with incredible people. You’ll also never find us feeling guilty if a few beers or a night out is needed. We listen to our inner voice. It tells us when to push forward to, or take 10.

Proudest, most exciting moment or experience in your career thus far?
We usually feel the most proud when we think about our team and our community.
Our proudest moments usually have something to do with someone who has found POUND, and in turn found himself or herself. For instance, a woman going from being bankrupt to a successful business owner who can now put her kid through college. Or another woman losing over 100 lbs and influencing her community to be fit and healthy. You name it, we’ve seen it – and we see how POUND inspires it. It’s incredible.


Photos: Courtesy of POUND

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