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Organizing Your Christmas List in 8 Steps

organizing your christmas list

It’s a feeling of triump, the moment all of your gifts are wrapped for family and friends. After this somehow the settling down to enjoy the holidays officially begins. Many of us start our holiday shopping around Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but to those who start later, here is some advice to face the crowd and your budget.

Get to organizing your list of ideas for each individual first and foremost before stepping out into the crowded malls or tons of sites offering products. This can be overwhelming. Make a gift list like this one from, kdbuggie.com, is simple and can be adjusted to your liking:

  holiday gift checklist

  1. First set a total budget for your shopping. By having a lump sum designated for shopping you will not overspend. Place this amount in a savings or gift card so that way you do not sway from the goal you have.
  2. Next, organize the individuals by name and write down a budget for each person, whether its the same or different. Setting a budget helps you define
  3. Once finished- jot down a few items per person that you’d like to buy for ideas and notes when shopping.
  4. Browse online at stores that pertain to these items or get simple gift ideas that are do it yourself oriented.
  5. Next, check for shipping on these items and decide whether the value is better in store or online. If shipping is costly, but is not available in store, than determine if this gift can wait for another holiday.
  6. After making final decisions on what you want to buy the individual then step out into the holiday madness. This will give you pre-preparedness and a step ahead of most who are roaming the aisles aimlessly.
  7. Lastly, make sure to decide if the box or gift needs to be sent early or not and check off if delivered. Give yourself atleast 7-10 business days to send a gift.
  8. What are you waiting for? Start now! 😉


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One comment on “Organizing Your Christmas List in 8 Steps
  1. louise says:

    I am really glad to have found a site that provides so much useful information, thank you!

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