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Women played a large role in electing President Obama as our 44th President

barack obama and michelle obama President Barack Obama has been re-elected as the 44th President of the United States.

According to the Washington Post  President Obama may have won amongst women in the polls, who comprise 53 percent of the overall electorate, by 10 points.  If that margin upholds, it is still less than than the losing margin for John McCain (13 points) an nnd George W. Bush (11 points) among women. Also according to Boston.com was “carried to a comfortable win in Connecticut” by a larger preference for him among female voters, 6 of 10 of whom chose him. The female preference for Obama was amplified by the fact that women made up the majority of the electorate vote. But don’t forget, Michelle Obama played a large role in the campaign as well, even last night in North Carolina along with Mariah Carey and NBA’s Derek Fisher she asked her final crowd, “Are you ready to work for this?” (Washington Post) With the results now in and President Obama’s speech in Chicago complete, it is time to start a new chapter for America.

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