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New In Beauty: Is Crushed Pearl the New Glitter?

New In Beauty: Is Crushed Pearl the New Glitter?

Hearing the word glitter tends to make us think of preteens, Lisa Frank, and Bonne Bell. That’s not to say we NEVER like it…case in point, we LOVED Julep’s Sienna polish shade, and a little glitter on the lids for the right occasion can be downright breathtaking. But all and all, glitter is kind of juvenile if not used properly. 

So what’s taken its place? Crushed pearl. Not only does this light-reflecting ingredient add the perfect amount of sophisticated radiance to makeup, but it’s even beneficial when used in skincare products. Beauty line BECCA harnesses the power of crushed pearl in some of their products. Their Style Director Kerry Cole explains “Unlike machine-made glitter, the way light reflects off pearls is natural and soft, almost like your skin is glowing from within.” 

Moral of the story- start shopping for makeup and skincare products with crushed glitter, or follow the link below for a jumpstart on 7 pearly products.

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