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Natural Wines: Good for the Body and Soul

Natural Wine
A Healthy Perspective on Natural Wines

Its official, drinking wine can be good for your body as well as your soul as long as it is natural wine.  Natural wine can offer wine enthusiasts a healthy alternative to mass produced wines over the coming festive period.  The wine that you often find on the supermarket shelf can be filled with up to eighty different chemical additives and artificial sulphites which if drank regularly over a long period of time can cause long term health problems.  It is not commonly known that high sulphite levels have been known to trigger allergic reactions in individuals with health problems and natural wines offer a reassuring alternative to mass produced wines.  A switch to natural wine could be just the break that your body needs and could be a surprising addition to your healthy lifestyle.

The Science behind Natural Wine

Natural wines are known for having no added preservatives and minimal if no traces of sulphites, which some individuals can have a natural intolerance to.  Natural wine contains natural compounds called natural phenols and polyphenols which are natural antioxidants that work with the body to prevent cell damage and can reduce the impact of illnesses such as cancer and heart disease and also neurological diseases such as stroke and dementia by up to fifty per cent. Resveratol is the most widely studied ingredient of natural wines and it is found in the skin of grapes and other fruits and in human studies it has been proven to reduce blood sugar and benefit the cardiovascular system.

Is Natural Wine and Organic Wine the Same?

The answer to this question is no. Organic wine is made from organically grown grapes and they are treated to the same processes as any other grapes and can be full of sulphur and up to eighty other chemicals.  Be aware that companies often place the organic label on their products so it is important to check the ingredients carefully particularly if you know that you are intolerant to sulphite.

Always Check the Label

Natural wines are either completely sulphite free or contain traces so low that they are undetectable and will not affect your health.  However if you would like to treat yourself to our range of normal wines you should check whether they are labelled with sulphite ratings to guide your choice   Wines rated as “very low” are ideal for anyone who has a sulphite allergy, “low” indicates that a wine is a good healthy lifestyle option but may affect a person who has a severe sulphite allergy.  A “medium low” rating may still affect individuals with an allergy however it is much healthier than mass produced wines and lastly “medium” rated wine is not recommended for anyone with a sulphite allergy.


Written by: Arron Cooper


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