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Meet Krystin Lee, The Beauty And Brains Behind Suburban Faux Pas

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You know those Instagram accounts you stumble upon where every picture is light, feminine, and styled so perfectly you have to wonder is this real life? One of those is Krystin Lee’s, blogger at Suburban Faux Pas. Click here to see her account, but before you get lost down that rabbit hole of perfection, keep reading below where Krystin takes us behind the scenes of her stylish life.

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Describe your style: A fresh take on wardrobe classics.

Who are your style icons? My mom has always been a source of inspiration to me. She was always classic in her approach, but with unexpected patterns and colors.

Favorite stores/brands to shop? Zara, Chicwish, Loft, Ann Taylor, J. Crew, Eliza J.

Beauty and Makeup
AM/PM Skincare Routines? I love a spritz of Caudalie Elixir and Kiehl’s Serum in the morning, and a thorough scrub before bed with One Love Organics cleanser.

What are you specific products or techniques for feeling and looking flawless? The Tea Tree Oil from The Body Shop is amazing for breakouts, and a great highlighter is my go-to for the dewy look.

Can’t live without my… 
Skincare: One Love Organics Eye Balm, Kiehl’s Face Cream, Caudalie Elixir. Makeup: Bare Minerals Concealer, Eyelash extensions, Benefit Gimme Brow, Sephora Highlighter, Jo Malone perfume, MAC Snob Lipstick, Mascara Wand, the original Naked Palette, and the bronzer from Victoria’s Secret.

Daily Makeup Routine: I tend to keep my makeup quite minimal on and off camera. Truth be told, I’m not well versed in application, so I figure less is better.

The make-up look you look forward to the most? I’m a one-trick pony, so a liquid liner and bold lip is as crazy as I can get.

Any new obsessions? The Benefit Brow Bar! I recently stopped in for a visit and am obsessed! I’ve never seen someone take such care with my brows, but it’s totally worth it!

Hair Routine
Favorite Products & Tools: Conair 1.5 Curling Iron, Moroccan Oil Hair Spray, Kerastase Bain de Force Shampoo and Conditioner, Kerastase Oil and Coconut oil.

Go To Style: Straight – only because it’s the easiest.

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Health, Food, And Wellness
How do you stay healthy and in-shape? I’m the worst when it comes to exercising. I am definitely not proud of this and am trying to fit this into my schedule more. With warmer temps, we’ll now opt for evening walks or occasional bike rides, but I can and should improve this.

What keeps you feeling and looking your best? Since I’m quite lackadaisical with exercise, I try to drink a lot of water and eat mini meals throughout the day.

How do they relax & unwind? A big glass of rose and Netflix.

Favorite Food Indulgence/Weakness: A cheeseburger and fries!

How did your own journey towards becoming a healthier you shape your business? I had to learn early on in this process that ensuring I made time for myself and family was crucial to providing the motivation and inspiration I needed to be a better blogger.

What makes you feel your best/most beautiful? Nothing makes me feel happier than a lazy Sunday morning with my husband. Coffees in hand, and cuddling with nowhere to be is just the best feeling in the world.


What gets you amped and ready to handle business? I work with an amazing team so having a great energy in the office always gets you pumped to take on the day. A good cup of coffee or cappuccino certainly doesn’t hurt either!

Music, the perfect outfit, boss-worthy lipstick or perfume – we all have some ritual or item that puts us in the right mind state to tackle anything. What is it for you? Hip hop music blasting from my phone, and Jo Malone perfume in Nectarine Honey Blossom. Definitely an odd paring, but if I can get my fill of both in the morning, it’s a good day.

People would be surprised to know that… I played drums in an all-boys band as a teenager.

The most misunderstood part of me and/or my business is? Most bloggers have made the transition to blogging full time, but I work on my blog in the evening, and work regular 9-5, M-F job in a role focused on public relations and social media strategy.

How do balance a busy workload and growing empire? I have an amazing support system at home. My husband has had my back since day one and always gave me the vote of confidence I needed to keep going. I do believe that time management is essential to making sure you have a time and place for your career, the blog, personal time, family time and time for friends.

Proudest moment thus far? I think it would have to be the first time a stranger walked up to me, knew me by name, and mentioned she was following my blog. The online community is fabulous, but having a face to face interaction was surreal.


Photos: Krystin Lee

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