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Make, Bake, Buy from Lulu the Baker

Make-Bake-Buy_blog1 With summer in full swing, peach season is finally here! Peaches are both delicious and beautiful; their sweet, juicy flavor and soft, gentle blush make them perfect for eating and decorating. Here are a few ideas for how to make, bake, and buy your way through peach season!


from Inspired by This

Make: Fresh peaches wrapped in simple kraft paper make sweetly elegant place cards and menus for a summer dinner al fresco.


photo and recipe from Week of Menus

Bake: I can’t think of anything more delicious than a vanilla bean bundt cake. Except maybe a vanilla bean bundt cake studded with bits of fresh, juicy peach and topped with a peach-infused simple syrup. Yes, that would be the most delicious thing! | photo and recipe from Week of Menus

Make-Bake-Buy3 Buy: Peach is undoubtedly an elegant color. It looks fabulous paired with gold, like in this dainty handmade bowl from Chicago ceramic artist Up In the Air Somewhere.


Author: Melissa Bahen is the owner of http://luluthebaker.com
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