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Laying Skincare: The Proper Order to Apply Your Products

Laying Skincare: The Proper Order to Apply Your Products

Talk to you mom about her skincare routine growing up. It probably went something like this: wash your face, maybe use lotion, the end. Well as you already know, that doesn’t fly in today’s world. There are so many lotions and potions we’re expected to use on a daily basis we can hardly keep track of them all. And don’t get us wrong- we’re not complaining. Beautiful, healthy skin is the foundation for outer-beauty, and we’ll do anything-and-everything to achieve it  (not to mention, we’ll do anything that promises to delay aging). 

But back to the “hardly keep track” part…with so many products, knowing when to use what can get confusing. So follow the link below for an explanation of the proper way to layer your products. 

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