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Inside the Fascinating Beauty Routine of Modern Geishas

Inside the Fascinating Beauty Routine of Modern Geishas

A geishas biggest allure is their mystery. And though their first emergence was in Japan in the 1800s, meaning you probably thought they only exist in textbooks, there are still thousands of practicing geishas in the Japanese town of Kyoto. Trained in the skills of music, dance, and conversation, the entertainers and hosts are elegant and lithe like ballerinas, and instantly recognized for their entrancing stage makeup: stark white skin, red lips, and an intricate chignon called a shimada.

Traditional geishas were the ultimate DIY-ers, using ingredients from their kitchen or a local herbalist, and utilizing teachings from Traditional Chinese Medicine. And lucky for us, the modern day geishas still adhere to the traditional beauty rituals of their generations-past counterparts. And considering Vicky Tsai built an entire skincare line based on a book of geisha beauty secrets, Tatcha, there’s still much to be learned form these mysterious beauties. So follow the link below for a peek inside the beauty routine of a modern day geisha.

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