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Hungover Workouts: Yes or No?

Hungover Workouts: Yes or No?

We don’t know about you, but the chances of us working out the morning after a night out (AKA a night of cocktails) is slim to none, heavy on the none. But there are some people who attend the school of thought that working up a sweat is a good way to release those toxins from your body and cure your hangover. So is there any truth to this, or is it just something crazy, self-sabotaging people who like to torture themselves with do? Well Dr. Donald Hensrud, medical director of the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program, weighs in..

“It’s probably not a good idea to work out with a hangover. Think of it as being ‘ill,’ similar to a sickness. Your body is trying to feel better and needs rest, fluids (not more alcohol!), appropriate nutrition, and a tincture of time to recover.”  


“Exercise places some additional stresses on the body when recovering from a hangover. For example, if you are dehydrated, sweating while exercising could make the dehydration even worse.”


“Be sure to eat when drinking alcohol, as not eating can promote a worse hangover,” he says. “Also, be sure to drink fluids besides alcohol, not only to decrease the total amount of alcohol consumed, but also to prevent dehydration. A good tactic is to drink a glass or bottle of water after each serving of alcohol.”

A million times, YES!

So there you have it, cocktail-loving folks. Forgo the gym, and opt for extra rest and fluid pumping. But don’t make hangovers a habit. It’s unhealthy, and frankly, it’s not cute!

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