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How to Wear Your Circle Skirt (Or Any Skirt) Through Fall

Despite the encroaching cool weather, our circle skirt obsession isn’t waning, and we don’t think yours should either. So 1. If you don’t already own a circle circle- go get one. And 2. If you do have one- don’t you dare store it with your summer clothes just yet.

Although a skirt, they can absolutely be worn during the fall months, and possibly even through the winter, depending on what part of the country you reside. And though we’re hott for the circle skirt right now, wearing any style of skirt in the fall/winter months is easy with a few swaps and additions…


…bare legs for tights.
…sandals and heels for boots or booties.
…crop tops for long sleeves.
…thin cotton fabrics for thicker, cold-weather appropriate ones, like leather or wool.

…your typical fall/winter items- a scarf, jacket, etc.
…dark colors and fall patterns, like burgundy or plaid.

Need some circle skirt inspo? We love pulling ours from fashion blogger Jessica from HapaTime.com, who has yet to show us a circle skirt look we didn’t like. Agree with us below…

Fall Circle Skirt

Circle Skirt Image

Circle Skirt Tights

Circle Skirt

Leather Circle Skirt

Point proven. So throw on a pair of tights so you can take that circle skirt to a holiday party and show it a good time!

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2 comments on “How to Wear Your Circle Skirt (Or Any Skirt) Through Fall
  1. Lucille schoch says:

    Where do you buy a circle skirt.

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