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How To Eat Healthier On A Budget

How To Eat Healthier On A Budget

There’s a horrible myth going around that eating healthy has to be terribly expensive. And we get it, a trip to Sprouts is probably always going to come up more expensive than a trip to Ralph’s. However, we live by “Don’t ask why healthy food is so expensive. Ask why junk food is so cheap.” And either way, we’d still like to argue that if you’re buying whole foods and making meals from scratch (the inarguably best and healthiest way to live), it’s really not all that different. The pre-packaged and convenience foods are where things usually get $ticky. So if you’re on a budget, but trying to eat healthier, un-learn the silly idea that it’s going to nickel and dime you to death, and follow the link below for tips on how to eat healthier without going broke. 

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