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Here’s What It’s Like on Set for a Major Beauty Campaign

Here's What It's Like on Set for a Major Beauty Campaign

Image Source: Byrdie.com

Want to know what it’s like to be on the set of a major beauty campaign? Excuse our french, but duh! Who doesn’t? We’ve pictured it a million times in our heads: flawless, superhuman-slash-models prancing around on their perfectly-toned, mile-long legs in wildflower fields, the sun gleaming off their brilliantly white teeth as they laugh with their heads tilted to the sky, and perfume scented winds blow their imperfectly-perfect tousled hair off their glowing faces (without getting stuck in their lip gloss, of course), and maybe even some unicorns dressed as cater waiters serving gold-flecked donuts and rosé in crystal chalices. Okay maybe not that last part (that’s just our secret fantasy), but the rest, maybe. Well let’s see how right we were- follow the link below to go on set of the Dolce&Gabanna Light Blue shoot…!

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Photos: Byrdie.com

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