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How to Hide a Hangover

Although we’re sure you’re nothing but a lady, there has probably been a time or two where things got a little out of hand, and you woke up knowing exactly how Leslie from Parks and Rec feels here…


Should you every wake up feeling that way again, we have the solution. After half-heartedly swearing “I’m never drinking again,” drag your hungover self out of bed, and follow these tips so you can re-enter the world without the mere sight of you announcing the shameful acts of nights past.

Immediately pop some aspirin and start the rehydration mission– water, coconut water, gatorade- pick your favorite, just start now. Also, grab a banana if you can stomach it.

Alcohol doesn’t just dehydrate your body, it dries out your skin. Slather on a plumping moisturizer or serum (like one with hyaluronic acid), and massage it into the skin for an extra minute to help drain excess fluid.

The eyes are the windows to the soul, and right now your eyes say your soul regrets the decisions it made last night. To correct this, start by de-puffing the eyes. Place chilled tea bags, cucumbers, or chilled spoons on the eyes for ten minutes (If nothing else, it will feel good, and it’s an excuse to lay in bed for a moment longer). If necessary, follow with eye drops to remove redness. If all else fails, that’s kind of what sunglasses were made for, right?

Holiday Hangover
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Don’t go overboard with makeup- you want to look fresh faced, not like a hungover-version of last night. Start with a good concealer to hide those dark under eye circles. You could even drag it down a little further to help brighten (think Kim Kardashian countour pics).

Mix a small amount of highlighting cream/luminizer into your foundation before applying. This will help give your skin a luminous, No-I-did-not-have-six-glasses-of-champagne-last-night look.

Add a touch of bronzer and a swipe of blush to warm up pale skin.

We would probably suggest sticking to a lengthening mascara only to open the eyes, but if you do use shadow, keep it matte and in neutral colors. To make eyes appear whiter, rim your waterline with a neutral color pencil.

We know we said natural makeup, but if you really want to draw attention away from your eyes, you can always swipe on a bright lipstick.

Nothing screams “I raged last night” like disheveled hair, so if nothing else, don’t forget to comb it neatly into place. A better suggestion is to wear it up. Dirty, second-day hair is perfect for a little up-do, and helps give the appearance of a mini face-lift.

Like the disheveled hair, wrinkled, mussed up clothes is giveaway. Keep it clean, unwrinkled, and neat. We also suggest a looser fitting top, as we all know that a night of binging on cocktails is usually followed by a trip to our favorite late-night, greasy eatery- both super bloat inducing. For this time of year, we suggest a cape over comfy leggings, and a pair of tall boots. Don’t forget the big sunnies- duh!

Olivia Palermo Cape

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