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Hand Shaped – Crafted for Style


Thomas / Age: 30

Journeyman Lineman
Hobby: Working out
Style Personality: Rugged
Enjoy Men Product: Sculpt
How to: Apply quarter size amount to damp hair and work through. Let hair air dry


Landen / Age: 16

Hobby: Baseball
Style Personality:  Care free
Enjoy Men Product: Texture
How to: Apply and tousle a nickle size amount of product into dry hair.


Aaron / Age: 33

Video Editor
Hobby: Beer brewings
Style Personality: Disheveld
Enjoy Men Product: Clay
How to: Rub quarter size amount into palms and work through hair. Shape as desired.


Chase / Age: 20

Dance Instructor
Hobby: Acting
Style Personality: Modern
Enjoy Men Product: Fiber
How to: Apply nickle size amount to damp hair and shape or comb hair back. Let hair air dry


Nathaniel / Age: 28

Design Engineer
Hobby: Scuba diving
Style Personality: Classic
Enjoy Men Product: Pomade
How to: Part hair and lightly blow-dry. Once dry apply a nickle size amount and comb through to hold style in place.

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