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FOREO Luna: The New and Improved Clarisonic?

Sick of your Clarisonic yet? Because there’s a new little family of face-cleansing cuties in town, and their name is LUNA.

Made by FOREO, the LUNA comes in three sizes -one for men, a regular, and a mini (or a Daddy, a Mommy, and a Baby, if we’re sticking with the family analogy). These sleek little device claim to get the job done through two major highlights:

T-Sonic Pulsations
Up to 8,000 pulses per minute are channeled through a silicone brush across the dermal layer of skin. These pulses throughly clean out pores by driving out dirt, oil, and makeup reside. This has the added benefit of improving the absorption of skincare products, as well we conditioning men’s skin for a closer, smoother shave.

Silicone Touch-Points
As you can imagine, silicone touch-points are softer, smoother, and far less abrasive than the bristled brushes of most facial cleansers. When combined with the t-sonic pulsations, they offer a unique breakthrough in the skincare world, promising deeper and gentler cleansing, not to mention their resistance to the buildup of bacteria makes them more hygienic than traditional brushes. The touch-points also come in different designs that tailor to a variety of skin types and uses (sensitive skin, deep cleansing, etc.).

Other highlights? They’re completely waterproof, offer a minimum of 300 uses per charge, and they require no replacement brush heads- score, score, and score.

We have yet to test the LUNA out to see if it lives up to the hype, but we’re dying to get our hands on one. The technology behind it makes complete sense, not to mention they look like they’d be fun to hold, would feel amazing against the skin, and with the vibrant coors and shape, they’re just downright cute. We’ll report back after trying, but if you’re one step ahead of us and have already done so, tell us about it below!

Buy Yours Here (Or tell Santa)!

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