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Find the Right Bangs to Flatter Your Face Shape

Find the Right Bangs to Flatter Your Face Shape

Most women’s first experience with bangs could be traced back to their toddler or elementary days where they sported at least one of the styles found on the Full House Tanner girls- like Michelle’s straight across baby bang, or Stephanie and DJ’s pouf-y feathered fringe. After growing out and recovering from those 80s-90s versions, it’s understandable that taking the plunge forehead-first into fringe as an adult can be quite intimidating. But don’t let the styles of bangs past haunt your dreams of trying a modern, sophisticated bang of the present. Follow the link below where InStyle had New York Stylist John Barrett gives a full breakdown on how to find the right fringe to flatter your face. 

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Photos: Janet Mayer / PRPhotos.com

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