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Fake Fuller Lips in 2 Minutes


PLUMP_LIPS Want fuller, poutier lips but not born with the Jolie gene? Fake ‘em with these simple tricks that take less than 2 minutes. Just like highlighting and contouring the face, creating the illusion of fuller lips is all about playing around with highlights and shadows.

Voluptuous lips change the appearance of the entire face, creating a more mysterious, femme fatal look. The best part about this (besides being incredibly easy and needle-free) is that it’s subtle enough for day time and can be made more dramatic for heading out at night.

Lip scrub or soft toothbrush
Highlighter (any pencil, powder, or stick highlighter will work)
Flesh toned lip pencil, one to two shades darker than your lips

It’s not just your imagination; lips look bigger and more pillowy when they’re smooth. Plus, who wants dry prun-y lips? Get rid of flakes and uneven texture with a soft toothbrush or lip scrub. Just put on some lip balm, buff away with your toothbrush and you’re good to go! LIP_PRODUCTS_WB

Take any pearly highlighting product, like Benefit High Beam or Watts Up, and make a dot just above your cupid’s bow (the curved little “bow” in the middle of your top lip that looks like the top of a heart). Then blend away, baby! The highlighter catches the light to make lips look more 3 dimensional.

The purpose here is to softly define lips and create false shadows. Lightly line your cupid’s bow with a soft pencil one shade darker than your natural lip color. Estee Lauder Double Wear Lip Pencil in Spice and Wet n Wild Lip liner in 666 Brandy Wine (a drugstore steal at 99 cents) are perfect for defining lips. It doesn’t have to be exact, you just need a bit of a darker color to create shadows and depth. Now line the center third of your bottom lip, extending slightly below the natural lip line. Blend with a brush or finger until there are no harsh lines but you can still see the outline of the pencil slightly.

If you’re going to be wearing lipstick now is the time to apply it. It isn’t really necessary with these tricks but if you can’t do without then go for it. Just be sure to stay away from darker colors as they tend to minimize lips. If you’re skipping color, take a clear gloss or a small dot of your highlighting product (the same one you used for your cupid’s bow) and apply to the center of your bottom lip and blend.

If you really want to kick it up a notch, use a plumping lip gloss in conjunction with these tricks. Too Faced Lip Injection and Buxom Full On Lip Polish are great choices, just be ready for tingling lips!


By: Elizabeth Threadgil

Posted in: Beauty & Fashion
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4 comments on “Fake Fuller Lips in 2 Minutes
  1. pareshkale says:

    Indeed very helpful.

  2. Sa D A says:

    Why fake it?? Are we not capable of being happy and content with what we have. Why would I want my lips to look like some one else’s . Stop this empty race that stupidifies every one other than the cosmetic companies.

    • Hi Sada, thank you for your comment. At Health Beauty Life we strive to empower women to feel their best in every aspect of their lives, whether that be emotionally, spiritually, or physically. This article is about having fun and playing up a certain feature, not about trying to look like someone else. Different things contribute to different people’s confidence and happiness levels, and if a simple makeup trick can help someone to feel more confident, we are all for it!

  3. REKHA says:


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