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Dress Like Olivia Pope: The Scandal Clothing Collection by The Limited

It has come to our attention that many people don’t know that their favorite drama show has a clothing line.


That’s right, The Limited is carrying the Scandal-inspired clothing collection you’ve been waiting for. Because as if actress Kerry Washington wasn’t stunningly beautiful enough on her own, the show’s costume designers have her impeccably dressed in each and every episode. From her perfectly tailored pant suits in the office, to the luxe, drapey sweaters she wears while throwing back a few glasses of wine on the couch, Olivia Pope’s closet is one of the most enviable character closets since Serena van der Woodson’s.

Step inside of Olivia’s closet here, but first check out a few of our favorite Olivia fashion moments from the show below.

Olivia Coat 2

Olivia Coat Gloves

Olivia Coat


olivia sweater

Scandal -- Screengrab from exclusive EW.com clip.

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