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Don’t Change Your Skin Care Routine Before Reading This

Don’t Change Your Skin Care Routine Before Reading This

Like wool coats are switched to denim jackets, warmer weather calls for lighter beauty products. And while it can be tempting to binge shop for new Spring staples and try your whole loot in one day, L’Oreal Paris Consulting Dermatologist Dr. Gervaise Gerstner gave some advice to Glamour that urges you to wait…

“I recommend changing one product at a time. It is fine to change either first, but don’t change both at same time. As the weather gets warmer you may need less thick of moisturizer or you may need a stronger cleanser to decrease sebum, but never change both at same time.”

Not only can changing all of your products at the same time be shocking for your skin, possibly causing breakouts or patchiness, but if you use all at once and only one of the products is responsible for irritation, you’ll never know which one it is, and might give up on it all.

So hold your horses, girlie, and break into new skincare routines with ease, this Spring and always.

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