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A DIY Cake Stand That Looks Expensive (But Really Only Cost $7)

DIY Cake Stand

We love cake stands, but it is hard to find fun colors and styles besides the standard glass.  It is so simple to make your own out of just a candlestick and a plate! With all of the options in width and height in candlesticks, you can make your cake stand exactly how you like it.  The best part? They aren’t just for cakes!  We like to use cake stands for displaying all kinds of food.  If you are hosting a party you can make a few stands in different colors and really impress your guests. We got this plate for a dollar at Target, and the candlestick at Home Goods for 6 bucks!

DIY Cake Stand

1. First, Turn the plate upside down.  Add hot glue or super glue to the rim of the candlestick and place it on the plate.

2. Then spray until coated. We chose gold metallic spray paint and we’re so glad we did!

3. Once dry, turn over and finish coating with paint.  Then, once dry use to plate cake, cupcakes, or anything you might be serving!


So, easy right?

Article from Kelsey McGinley from http://littlebitsof.com

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