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Ditch Your Razor: The Facts About Laser Hair Removal

Ditch Your Razor: The Facts About Laser Hair Removal

Remember the little tangent we went on when trying to describe how much we dislike having to paint our own nails? Well we hate shaving a million times more than that, but we’ll spare you the rant because we know almost all women feel our pain. This is why the idea of laser hair removal has started to seem more and more worth it everyday. It’s come a long way since its beginning. It now works on a wider range of skin tones, and the pain level is minimal. Its only drawback? The price. However we argue that this upfront price might seriously average out when you add up the cost of buying razors (which we know are unfairly more expensive for women), shaving cream, and Tend Skin over a lifetime. Not to mention the cost of time- the amount of seriously precious moments we waste shaving has us tossing pennies in our laser hair removal fund everyday.

If you feel like you’re about ready to ditch your razor, follow the link below for a first hand look at a live session.

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