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Can Flowers Show his sign of Attraction?

flowers What does your guy’s flower choice really mean?

When it comes to flowers, do you think that the vast majority of men are pretty clueless? It appears that many only know two different types of flowers: cheap flowers and expensive flowers. Nothing wrong with this, but if you’re wondering whether your guy’s gas station bouquet means one thing or whether his extravagant arrangement means another – stop worrying! We’ve created a handy guide to what your boy’s bouquet really mean…

Hand-picked posy

This is one of the most special bouquets you can expect from your man. The sunny side is he saw them and thought of you (this makes him a bit of a sappy romantic) or he was in a rush, but either way it is the thought that counts!

Gas station blooms

Droopy, plastic-wrapped flowers from a gas station are the classic disappointing floral gift. They are the ‘emergency flowers’ – the ones bought on the way home after the terrifying realization that it’s your anniversary and he’s completely forgotten. Perhaps we should be kinder to the giver of gas station flowers. He might be scatter-brained, but far from being a sign that he doesn’t care – these scruffy carnations are a sign that he desperately wants to perform a nice gesture – work might have been busy or the gift may have slipped his mind. There are plenty of other ways he can make it up to you too, after all.


Supermarket flowers

If your boy is on a budget, than these flowers are quite alright. Many grocery stores and supermarkets carry some wonderful bouquets, this does not mean he loves you less. More so, he took the time to purchase them and picked them out himself.

A single red rose

This is clearly intended to be a charming romantic gesture. He’s not only put a little thought into it, but he’s also gone to the effort of finding a single red rose. This shows that your man is head over heels and not embarrassed to show it (even if he’s a bit short of inspiration).  

Flowers by Mail

If your man sends you flowers at work, or somewhere in public, he wants to show the world how in love with you he is or how sorry he is. Either way, flowers in the workplace or at your doorstep are two of the most special instances of which to receive a gift!

Your favorite flowers, to cheer you up

These are the best sort of flowers. The man who knows your favorite flowers and the perfect moment to surprise you with them is a keeper. He’s probably your best friend too and you’re probably on the exact same wavelength – you lucky lady!


Georgina Blakley of the Real Flower Company is a provider of luxury flowers and gifts.

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