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Big Gal Yoga’s Valerie Sagun Is Inspiring Yogis Everywhere

Big Gal Yoga’s Valerie Sagun Is Inspiring Yogis Everywhere

Don’t think you can do yoga because your body type is a far cry from Tara Stiles’? Well thank again, our fellow curvy sisters, because there’s a new yogi in town to look to as inspo. Dubbed the “curvy yogi,” Valerie Sagun’s Big Gal Yoga account has over 70,000 followers and growing.

Oh her website, Sagun writes:

“Through my visual yoga practice, I have inspired many people like myself—the fat, curvy, chubby, plus size, large, women of color—and others not like myself of smaller bodies to practice yoga. Through my own yoga practice I’ve come to love my body, and accept it as it is now. My practice has also given me the strength to get over the mental hurdle of my own self doubt when it comes to enjoying the fun and beautiful things in life.”

Sagun proves with a little confidence, self acceptance, and ambition, anything is possible. Follow her accounts linked above, and hit that mat- no more excuses!

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Photos: biggalyoga.com

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