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Before And After: Makeup That Survives Sweaty Workouts

Before And After: Makeup That Survives Sweaty Workouts

Image Source: PopSugar Photography/Grace Hitchcock

First thing’s first: we’re totally not advocating painting on a face full of makeup before a serious sweat session. That’s pointless, and pretty much just asking for breakouts. However, there are some instances when know which makeup products can survive sweaty conditions could come in handy. Like, for example, for those of you who squeeze workouts in on your lunch break, or when you’re traveling to a particularly sweat-inducing climate but are still trying to look on-point. So without further adieu, follow the link below where one woman put 5 different makeup looks through Soul Cycle sessions, and see what they looked like afterwards.

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Photos: PopSugar Photography/Grace Hitchcock

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