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8 Tips for Rocking Purple Lips

Keep eyes neutral

Summer is the season of risk taking, and fashion and beauty trends tend to abide. Like this summer, for example- purple hair, purple eye makeup, what’s next, purple lips? Actually, yes. And despite what it sounds like, the purple lip is not to be feared. For proof, we asked makeup blogger Rox Tran, a huge fan of the purple lip, to give us 8 tips for how to rock this look. See below…

1. Choose the right shade for your skin tone. Purple can be a tricky color to work with on the lips, so it’s important you choose the appropriate shade for your skin tone. Extremely light purples can make lips on deep skin tone look ashy and washed out. Paler shades of purple tend to work nicely on fair to light skin. Dark shades of purple compliment most skin tones.
choosing the shade for skintone
2. Keep the eyes neutral. Eye shadow colors like blue or pink, paired with a purple lip can go 80s very quick, so when choosing an eye shadow color scheme, try choosing neutral shades. This will allow the purple lip to be the star of your look and maintain color balance throughout the face. If it is necessary that you use another bright color on your eyes, use the color as a transition shade instead of on the lid.
Keep eyes neutral

3. To blush or not to blush? Choosing the right blush for purple lips is just as important as choosing the right shadow. A pink blush can make the look too strong, so lean for more purple under toned blushes. When all else fails, just use bronzer.
To Blush or not to blush

4. Skinny Lip Fix. For those in need of a skinny lip solution, dab a small amount of concealer on the lips, apply the liner to your natural lip line, then apply another outline directly (or overlapping) over that. Afterwards, apply some lipgloss to the center of your lips to create dimension. Option: use a darker shade on the corners of the lips to create an ombre effect.
Skinny Lip Fix

5. Long Lasting Effect. When wearing purple lipstick, long lasting color is definitely the way to go. Things like eating and drinking can allow the lip color to come off easily, so you’ll need to touch up pretty often. To help prevent this, apply lipliner all over the lips before putting on lipstick. This layering technique allows for a strong base under the lipstick, helping it last twice as long. Take a concealer brush and apply a small amount of concealer around the lip border to prevent lipstick bleeding.
Long Lasting effect

6. Don’t go crazy on the shimmer. Limiting the use of highlighters is important when balancing a look with purple lips. Too much shimmer on the face clashes with the purple, allowing a look to go from zero to old school Madonna in seconds. Apply highlighter sparingly on the top of the cheek bones, and on the tip of the nose. Avoid putting shine on the forehead or on the brow bones.
Keri Hilson Visits New.Music.Live in Toronto on August 19, 2011

7. Wear the perfect hair. The perfect hair can elevate any makeup look. Purple is a fun color to wear on the lips, so make sure your hair reads the same way. Go for a more youthful look like beachy waves, or a more polished look like straight hair or a top knot bun.
Perfect hair

8. Take risks!  Being bold and taking risks is what makeup is all about! Try different shades, different techniques, even different hair! Don’t be afraid to go outside of your norm. Purple lips are fun and definitely worth a try!
Take risks

Guest author: Rox Tran balances her busy life as a mom and makeup artist with her growing addiction for Sephora. Follow her journey and killer looks on Instagram at @rox_tran.


By: Rox Tran

Photos: C/O Rox Tran

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