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7 Tips For Losing Post-Pregnancy Weight, By Chriselle Lim


Image Source: Karen Rosalie for The Chriselle Factor

If you follow Chriselle Lim of The Chriselle Factor, then you’ve undoubtedly seen her edibly-adorable, rolly-polly baby, Chloe (and yes, we made up the word ‘edibly’ specifically for Chloe–she’s that cute). Chloe is now a year old, and Chriselle hasn’t missed a beat with her business, life, or motherhood, yet somehow she has managed to drop all of the 40lbs she gained during pregnancy, and in a super healthy way, no less. And thankfully for new moms everywhere, she’s sharing exactly how she did it over at Byrdie. So follow the link below to read the 7 things she did consistently to get her pre-baby body back within a year.

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Photos: Karen Rosalie for The Chriselle Factor

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