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6 Bloggers Who are Nailing ‘Spring Beauty’

While we highly respect beauty professionals and tend to look to them first for advice and inspo, hair and makeup is an art form, and like all other art forms, it simply comes natural to some. What we mean is, you can’t discount someone’s natural talent because they lack the professional makeup artist credentials…enter beauty bloggers.

While some internet beauty bloggers are indeed certified MUAS, many are self-taught woman who simply had passion for the industry and an instinctive knack for the art. Often times their hair and makeup methods end up simpler and easier to copy thanks to their real-life approach. So needless to say, we’re obsessed, and we regularly follow hundreds of beauty bloggers on Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, “YouNameIt” and we’re following!

While certainly can’t name them all now, here’s the next best thing: 6 beauty bloggers who are nailing Spring beauty right now, and who will show you how to do the same…

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