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Summer “BBQ Ready” Five Course Menu

The All-American BBQ is a staple in our culture. From burgers & hot dogs to ribs and flat iron grilled steaks, corn on the cob, garlic fries and potato salad- the list for a tasty barbeque rings true to our taste buds. For a delicious grilling feast or beach day, we’ve put together a flavorful 5-course meal, versatile and achievable in any setting you choose this holiday.

Main Course- Avocado Burgers:

Summer Ready! Five Course

Two favorites combined to make a mouthwatering main course, fresh Hass Avocado and flavorful ground beef or turkey are a must. Give your guest a variety by adding non-traditional condiments like Arugula, Blue Cheese and caramelized onions.

View ingredients & directions at AvocadoCentral.com

Perfect Side Dish- Skinny Grilled Chicken Potato Salad – on the Grill!

Want a side that will have your guests say “give me more?”, well here is a twist on the traditional potato salad. Skinny Grilled Chicken mixed with fresh baked potatoes. What’s great about this recipe? You can make it in a variety of ways or substitute for family members of friends with food allergies. Now, you may want to make this salad the day before- if combining with the Avocado Burgers- we recommend starting this first in order to prepare and chill the salad in time. If traveling, make sure to keep in a seal tight container and in an ice chest to preserve freshness.

Here’s a tip: For a quick recipe, try a store bought rotisserie chicken and shred.


View ingredients & directions at Bakeaholicmama.com

The SLAW: Tri-Color Slaw with Lime Dressing

recipe-tri-color-slaw-with-lime-dressing   This scrumptiously crisp tri-color slaw salad really packs a punch. With a mix of green and red cabbage and shredded carrots, it’s a “trifecta” worth adding to your BBQ. This slaw is so easy all it requires is some chopping and quick mixing for a taste that will have your family coming back for round two!

View ingredients & directions at thekitchn.com

Gluten Free Dessert- Quinoa Fruit Salad with Honey Lime Dressing

This Fruit Salad is uh-MAZING for Summer! Heck, it pops like a firecracker with the crunch of Quinoa and is eye catching in red, blue and yellow for a twist on a healthy BBQ dessert. In our opinion it’s a “best of” Fruit Salad, with strawberries, mangos and blueberries with some honey lime dressing for drizzle and well— it’s a mouth full of happiness! What we truly like about this dish is that it is gluten free and dairy free, on top of being kid-friendly. So serve at your get together and you will have concoction of flavor with a dessert that bring your BBQ together.


View ingredients & directions at twopeasandtheirpod.com

Drink of Choice: 3- Layered Goodness

This drink is smart, it’s non-alcholic and most of all fun, for any age. Never layered a drink or tasted one? Then you are in for a treat. Choose juices that mix well together, think like a snow cone with pina colada for white, cherry for red and blueberry for well, blue.

Here’s the first rule of thumb: Heaviest sugar content goes on bottom. Second rule: Plenty of ice! As you read the recipe take notice, that the first drink (with the most sugar content) is place on bottom, then the ice is placed in the glass filled to the top, allowing for your next set of sugar packed goodness to create your 3-layered beverage.


Head over to InKatrinaskitchen.com for ingredients and directions.


Author: Amy Apodaca

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