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4 Ways to Keep Your Décolletage Wrinkle-Free

4 Ways to Keep Your Décolletage Wrinkle-Free

You’re long since privy to face wrinkles, and as of yesterday the aging of the hands, but now this, too?! Yes, ladies, hate to break it to you, but your décolletage ages. It actually gives away your age just about as much as your face does. Your chest skin is thin, and just as susceptible to crepe-ing, fine lines, and wrinkles. If you’re nearing your 30s, or larger chested, you might have already noticed them forming. First thing’s first: if you aren’t already, you should be treating this area the same way you treat your face (SPF, using the same products, etc.). But there are a few more ways to keep your chest wrinkle-free that you probably haven’t heard of yet, so follow the link below.

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