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3 Tips for Embracing Your Natural Hair

I love being a natural hair blogger. One of the biggest benefits is the ability to engage with the natural hair community. I love taking them along with me on my journey to healthier, longer, and stronger hair while sharing great tips and tricks along the way. In the beginning I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I had no idea how to handle, care for, and love my kinky-curly hair texture. These easy fundamentals helped guide the way to learning and loving the new me.

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The “Big Chop”
Since the age of 5, I’ve had a relaxer in my hair to soften and straighten the texture. So snipping off the relaxed hair, a.k.a. the “Big Chop”, and now being relaxer-free was definitely a life changing experience. It’s an essential, humbling step.

Practice, Practice, Practice
I had to understand my hair and appreciate what it does and doesn’t like. Creating what used to be simple styles was really rough at first, but with practice I quickly learned new styles to embrace the texture.

The Technique of Nurturing
Being a naturalista is quite fun! I nurture my hair with quality homemade and store bought natural hair products weekly. Curl Maker from Camille Rose, and Coco Amo are two of my favorites for soft, bouncy curls and moisture retention. Products are important, but I like to say “it’s all in the technique.” Products will enhance the hair’s natural luster, but you have to know how to leverage them when styling your hair. In time, you’ll learn what works best for your particular hair pattern.

The journey to embracing my natural hair was one of the best things that I could’ve ever done. The long walk out of the shadow of processed treatments and flat irons was well worth it. It not only allowed me to have thicker and stronger hair, it also allowed me to have a happier and healthier lifestyle!

Guest author: Since 2010 Lichelle, aka. The Baroness Countess, has been chronicling her natural hair journey. Follow along as she shares tips, advice, and gorgeous Instagram photos.


Photos: The Baroness Countess

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