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The Newest and Coolest Bracelet Trends

The Tale of the Lonely Bracelet…

Once upon a time, bracelets were were lonely! They were tired of their friendless home on the wrist, and they started migrating South in hopes of connecting with another type of jewelry- rings (which live on fingers, of course). Some of the bracelets got tired along the way, and decided to stop and make their home on the palm of the hand, creating what is referred to as either the hand band, handlet, or palm cuff. The ones who made it to the rings left a lovely, fashionable trail, creating the now-popular ring-to-hand bracelets.

Both of these new jewelry trends are an ultimate must-have for every cool-girl. So don’t be like the rest of them, darling…snatch one of these unique pieces for yourself!


Gorjana – Mave Shimmer Ring to Wrist
Low Luv by Erin Wasson – Evil Eye Hand Comb
Adia Kibur – Crystal Hand Chain
SunaharA Malibu – Arrowhead Gypsy Cuff Bracelet

Erickson Beamon Rocks – Tropical Punch Palm Cuff
Designsix – Cross Hand Band
Free People – Luna Pass Palm Cuff
Nasty Gal – Hand It to Ya Gold Hand Set

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